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09:00 - 23:00


St. Aram 64, Yerevan, Armenia

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Hello, I'm Patrick

Finally came the day of our meeting. 


You may have already heard, people in the city say that I moved to Aram Street in Yerevan. ☝🏻⠀


Let me tell you about my story, how I how decided to become a pastry chef.


Look forward to hosting you all.


PS Your dear Patrick ...


Well what!


My parents have a great contribution to my story. I have not been able to decide which one is mine since I was a child. 


My father was a baker-confectioner, my mother was an engineer-architect. I liked to mix with my father's recipes and my mother's drawings. I always had in my hand the fresh cakes baked by my father and the drawing tools of my mother. 


This is my favorite photo that I always keep in my breast pocket.

Adelbert & Donella ❤️⠀


The two most important people in my life. ⠀ 

Our whole family respected Mr. Adelbert. My father was honest and fair in his own way. 


He liked to bake bread and bakery products, to entertain everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. 


Bread was very valuable to my father, he never threw away bread. ⠀


My mother, despite her sharp and precise profession, had a very big heart. She was a hospitable woman ☺️ She loved the early morning breakfast table with my father's freshly baked bread 🍞🍳

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